Archive: Which Version of the ADK should I use with SCCM?

With the new release cycle for Configuration Manager, it can be difficult to know which version of the Windows ADK to use when upgrading to new releases. To further complicate the issue, each time you upgrade the ADK on the server used by SCCM, you must upgrade boot images used for OS deployment to be able to edit them going forward (the old ones are preserved but are read-only after you upgrade the ADK).

There’s a recent blog post that was really good at answering which versions of SCCM, the ADK, and Windows 10 are compatible with each other. In short, if you want to deploy the latest branch of Windows 10 (the Anniversary update), you need the latest version of the ADK installed. To use the latest version of the ADK, you must be using either the 1602 or 1606 build of SCCM.

Here’s a compatibility chart from that post, but be sure to check out the full post as it has more info: