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windows_symbol_clr_56x56On quite a few of the XP-to-Win7 migrations I’ve worked on, the client has also used the opportunity to pull administrator rights from their standard users- a noble cause.

If you’re using USMT to migrate systems, though, the administrator group membership will also be migrated. To avoid this, add the following snippet of XML in your USMT config.xml:

<changeGroup from="Administrators" to="Users" appliesTo="MigratedUsers">

You can also download the XML file here.

4 thoughts on “Archive: Prevent admin membership from being migrated in USMT”

  1. Any ideas why this wouldn’t be working for me? The user still ends up in the admin group. I even changed it to “AllUsers”. I can see this in the log:

    [0x000000] ProfileControl: Parsing ChangeGroup Administrators => Users for AllUsers

    So it seems to do it, but after loadstate is done, the user is an admin. Also, I could have sworn I had this tested and working. Either something changed with the R2 upgrade, or my previous testing was flawed.

  2. I actually haven’t tested this with R2 yet. Which version of USMT are you using? If you’re using USMT 6.3 (which is what comes default in SCCM 2012 R2), migration from XP is no longer supported. You’ll have to usea USMT 5 package. I’m not sure if this applies to you, though!

  3. As a follow-up, this might not have been working because of the types of quotes used in the code I pasted – WordPress reformatted them into a format that doesn’t work in the XML. They should be correct now for anyone else trying to use this.

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