5 Useful Features that You Might Have Missed in Windows 10 Build 1803

While the 1803 build of Windows 10 has several new features, this post covers five features that I found particularly useful for day-to-day use. Be sure to comment below to share your favorite new feature!

  1. Timeline – a productivity tool that is going to save you hours over the next year. Timeline is basically your browser history extended to your entire system. By clicking the Task View or just hitting Windows + Tab, you can open a timeline of all browser tabs and documents that you have worked on across all of your devices, allowing you to easily find and open what you were working on days or weeks ago.


  2. Dictation – a simple, powerful feature that will enhance the way you work. This voice-to-text feature works surprisingly well and can be used in any text field.


  3.  Edge – while Edge actually has several new features in this build, my favorite three are notifications, tabbed audio controls, and a shiny new eBook reader built into Edge with lots of functionality.


  4. MDM Capabilities – While Mobile Device Management is definitely an admin feature, there are several new controls available through MDM (150 of them, to be exact) that are starting to make Windows 10 enrollment and management through EMS/Azure a real, viable option. Not convinced on the impact of this one? You will be when you sign into Active Directory on-premises for the last time.
  5. Security – You can’t have a Windows 10 feature post without mentioning security. Aside from the analytical power in Windows Defender ATP, there are several new checks in place that will make sure your system is running at optimal performance and security. The Defender Security Center will now perform checks such as your TPM chip having the latest firmware (I failed this one with and had no idea), if you are patched against the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, if you are using SecureBoot, or even if a driver is slowing your system’s performance. There’s also some new ransomware protection built into Defender. This isn’t the same Defender from years past.

Honorable mentions:

  • Windows Analytics – Device health can now report into a central management portal for your organization such as SCCM or OMS.
  • Windows Hello for Business– Windows Hello (password-less sign-ins) now has the ability to work inside your organization.
  • BitLocker during Windows Setup – BitLocker can now remain enforced during the OS upgrade process. This was an open vulnerability before.
  • Autopilot enhancements – As more vendors get on board with the Autopilot program, the zero-touch deployment process is getting more and more secure.

See the full list of what’s new in 1803 from Microsoft here.

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